Transporting the Cinisafe by Airplane

Large international carriers allow the CiniSafe to be transported as carry-on luggage, provided the ashes are accompanied by a death certificate and a crematorium certificate. The intent to travel with ashes should be mentioned when making a flight reservation.

The CiniSafe may either be carried as a separate piece of carry-on luggage, or in a bag or suitcase. When the CiniSafe is carried by hand it will count as one item of cabin luggage.

The CiniSafe should be well packed and may not be opened on board. We provide a special “Sealbag” to seal off and safely transport the CiniSafe.

Before passing through security staff should be notified you are carrying ashes in your carry-on luggage. KLM is one of the few airline companies that allow the Cinisafe to be transported as checked baggage.

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